Paul Bardea
Student and Developer

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Some projects that I've worked on. More on my github page.


A simple notification based learning mangement system (LMS).


A note taking web app with easy matrix and doodle inputs.

Scribbler Tic Tac Toe

A game of tic tac toe, playable against a Scribbler robot


Built the foundation of using the Ushahidi framework.

Leap Rock Paper Scissors

A game of rock paper scissors using the Leap Motion sensor and API.

Grooveshark Player

A chrome web extension to control using playing from Grooveshark


I'm Paul. I'm studying Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I've been programming since high-school where I programmed small games and participated in programming contests.

I have experience with iOS development as well as web development. You can also see other stuff I'm working on, over at my Github profile.

When I'm not hacking away, you'll usually find me taking pictures or practicing a new magic trick.

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